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Green Trend Transforms Marketing

Marketing and advertising has long been deeply rooted in the American culture. AMC’s Mad Men is a great example of not only a different generation’s take on the advertisement industry, but also how far it has come since the 1960′s. These days, marketing is drastically different; instead of Big Tobacco being at the center of marketing campaigns, the focus has shifted to quite a healthier tone. Now, advertising is all about personal and environmental health—the green movement.

Green Marketing

Today, many products and marketing campaigns focus on improving the environment for future generations to thrive. Whether you are looking for deals or more high-priced products, green marketing has invaded all aspects of the market, and whether you buy the top-of-the-line appliance or the cheapest model, it will likely have the same eco-friendly and energy-saving marketing.

When was the last time you saw some sort of green advertising? Maybe it was yesterday, or maybe you have simply grown so accustomed to such marketing that you don’t really notice it anymore. Taking a leisurely walk through the grocery store will likely grant you a whole display of green packaging and labeling. Chemical-free toothpaste, like Tom’s of Maine is a great example of eco-labeling. As the green movement stirs customers to look for healthy and natural products, eco-labeling has become an effective marketing tool for brands from tooth paste to high-tech appliances.

The Green Movement and Marketing Strategy

Fifty years ago, advertising was fairly single minded. It was all about selling, not to say that is not the case today, but now there seems to be at least a hint of environmentally conscious undertones in most products. One undertone can be seen as many products now incorporate mobile barcodes into their packaging.

Mobile barcodes are commonly referred to as QR-codes and you may have seen them on billboards, TV commercials or store advertisements. This mobile strategy appeals to green audiences because it minimizes paper ads. The codes allow users to scan the bar with a mobile device to redirect them to an online advertisement or to the product or company’s webpage. This simple technique emerged as a product of mobile technology but has quickly morphed into a green marketing strategy for companies all over the world.

Green Ideologies in Marketing

Along with the green movement has come a call for a sustainable Earth for generations to come. Instead of aimlessly consuming any and all resources available to us, modern day marketing campaigns appeal to the green ideologies of conserving, recycling and reusing. Through mobile barcodes, marketers conserve natural resources by minimizing paper ads and focusing on modern mobile technology. Eco-labeling often appeals to recycling and reusing. Many products are now packaged with reusable and recycled materials to further companies’ dedication to green marketing and lifestyles.

Undoubtedly, the marketing world has made a great transformation from the Mad Men lifestyle we see on TV. The next time you take a trip to the grocery store, or flip through a magazine, keep your eye out for the environmentally friendly mobile barcodes and the eco-conscious Energy Star label—they may just help decide your next purchase.